Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nightmare on Ebola Street

Well, Halloween's started early here in Crapchester. I've already had the trick or treaters round - obviously I told them 'trick'.  Or, to be more accurate, 'fuck off'.  I feel I was justified - they couldn't even be bothered to wear appropriate costumes.  Where was Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster or Wolfman?  Not amongst this group, that's for sure.  They were just dressed in really filthy clothes, covered in vomit, urine and shit stains.  Anyway, in response to my rejection, one of the bastards dropped his trousers and proceeded to take a dump all over my doorstep.  When I remonstrated with him he claimed that it was all 'in character' - he was dressed as an Ebola victim.  Apparently they all were.  Which is fair enough, I suppose.  Although it was a bit offensive - there really was no need for them all to black up, there have been Ebola outbreaks outside of West Africa.  What will the next bunch be dressed as, I wonder, benefits claimants, perhaps?  After all, Iain Duncan Smith has spent the last four years or so demonising them.  It would be a pretty straightforward costume: dressed in rags, sallow skin, haunted eyes, malnutrition and a general air of utter defeat.

Then again, maybe Iain Duncan Smith would make a good basis for a Halloween costume, along with his cabinet colleagues.  I'd imagine opening the door to find yourself face-to-face with Duncan Smith, George Osborne, Eric Pickles and Francis Maude would be enough to make even the bravest amongst us void their bowels on the spot.  Getting back to the Ebola, I saw the other day that there really was an 'Ebola Sexy Nurse' costume on sale, featuring such accessories as a gas mask, safety goggles and hazmat dress.  Bad taste or just a bit of a laugh?  Whichever it is, it also represents another example of the crass, exploitative nature of what passes for capitalism in this country.  Even sufferers of a contagious disease which continues to kill large numbers of people daily in Africa are fair game when it comes to turning a quick buck, it seems.  (To be fair, the costume isn't exploiting the victims directly, just those who put themselves at risk caring for them.  So that's OK, then).  See, I can even turn a post about Halloween into a political rant.

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