Monday, February 04, 2013

True Blue Bigotry

The welfare state is being dismantled, the NHS effectively sold off piecemeal to grasping private health providers, the poor are being stigmatised as 'shirkers' and the economy is in freefall.  But do any of these things bother the grassroots of the Conservative Party?  Apparently not.  What's getting them enraged is the idea of same sex marriages.  Which, they claim, will result in the collapse of civilisation as we know it if they are made legal.  Quite why the idea of gay men (and women) being able to get marries, possibly in church, bothers them so much.  They, of all people, should be open to the idea.  After all, the way I hear it, there are quite a number of married male gay MPs in the Tory Party.  OK, they're married to women and keep their boyfriends in luxurious flats somewhere on the South Bank, but apparently everybody knows about it.

Still, the Tory Party has always been in denial about homosexuality.  What goes on at Eton and other public schools has nothing to do with it, apparently.  That - along with all that homoerotic stuff that goes on in rugby changing rooms, officers' messes and the like - is simply a form of male bonding.  Just a bit of robust horseplay.  Nothing sexual about it.  You see, there's a clear difference between a prefect at Eton giving one of his fags one up the jacksie and that horrible homosexual buggery.  That's unnatural and filthy.  Done purely for perverted sexual gratification.  It's obvious really.  Just ask the blue rinse brigade, who find the very thought of gay people entering into a legal partnership, blessed by the church, utterly repulsive.  Which is understandable, I suppose, as they consider marriage a sacred institution.  They should know, most of the bastards like the institution so much they've engaged in it at least three times.  But let's not forget the religious aspect - it isn't the place of the state to go around telling religions what they should do.  Come to think of it, wasn't that the point of the reformation? 



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