Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Foolishness

Well, here we are again, April Fool's Day. I think I managed to avoid all of this year's 'hilarious' japes in the press. That said, it is getting increasingly difficult to tell the 'real' stories from the 'jokes' in most of the UK's media. Everyday is beginning to feel like April Fool's Day. I mean, the other day it was being reported that Nick Clegg was considering 're-branding' the Liberal Democrats with a change of name. To 'Tory Lickspittles', presumably. (Now there's a word I don't use often enough - Lickspittles. It has a certain ring, doesn't it?) Getting back to the point - that has to be joke, doesn't it? As if by calling his bunch of unprincipled, power-hungry bastards by another name can erase the scale of their betrayal from the collective memory of those who were deceived into voting for them. More evidence - if any were needed - of just how deluded Clegg really is these days.

Then there was the return of that bloody diagram. You know the one I mean - it professed to show a cutaway of one of the Japanese nuclear reactors damaged in the recent earthquake and Tsunami. In reality, it looked like a huge cock and balls. Last time I glimpsed it on Japanese TV, this time it was in The Guardian:

I mean, really, did no one at the paper notice this? Did it not occur to them that they had been made victims of some smutty schoolboy humour, (of the kind The Guardian always likes to be snootily disapproving of, like some prim, middle class maiden Aunt)? The again, perhaps they thought it was a profound comment upon the way in which the male-dominated nuclear power industry oppresses women with its huge doomsday cock...

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