Monday, September 27, 2010

On The Beach 3: Going Coastal

Finally - the last of my holiday films! This one takes us back to the beach featured in 'Another Beach, Another Walk', this time with the tide out:

For the driving sequences, the camera was mounted on the dashboard, rather than on the passenger seat headrest, as in the previous film. Whilst this gives a better view of the road ahead, it meant that the camera lens was so close to the windscreen that the filaments of the heating system can clearly be seen in the glass, (it gives the impression that there's an interference pattern on these film sequences). Next time, it will be back to the seat mount for the camera.

For those interested, the pipe spewing water into the sea is actually the outlet of a river tributary - the main body of the river empties into the sea through a larger pipe running under the approach road. These outlets contribute to the strong currents swimmers are warned about on the beach.

Finally, the ship seen passing in the background toward the end is the MV Eddystone, a roll on, roll off heavy lift vessel that can be used as a military transport in wartime.

So, there you have it: my holiday encapsulated in nine films, each running under three minutes. Obviously, I did a lot more than is chronicled in the films, but they give you the photogenic bits!

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