Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot Property?

You know, I'm highly suspicious of those recent fires in Greece which destroyed lots of property and killed several people. I know that it has already been claimed that they had been deliberately set by property developers wanting to clear land for lucrative building projects, but I think there could be more to it than that. If my theory is right, then everything will become clear when the insurance claims come it. Trust me, if there are claims for fire damage to the likes of the Acropolis and sundry ancient temples and theatres, then we'll know for sure that the fires were just a ruse to get the money to rebuild all those bloody ruins they have out there. It stands to reason - for years they've let them fall into a state of disrepair, the bill to fix them up would run to millions. Much better if you can get the insurance companies to foot the bill.

And why wouldn't they want them rebuilt? If millions of foreign tourists are willing to flock to Greece to look at derelict buildings, just think how many more would come to see nicely restored ones? Besides, if they were made safe and rebuilt, you could redevelop them as hotels, restaurants and activity centres. Who wouldn't want to say that they had stayed in the Temple of Zeus, especially if it had five stars and Vestal Virgins available as room service? Still, if the insurers won't pay up, then they could always try and get that Nick Knowles and his team from DIY SOS in to do the job instead. They could make the ruins safe for the TV makeover teams to move in. Not only would you get a cheap restoration job and some very lucrative hotels out of it, but there'd be a TV series to boot - think of the publicity.

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