Monday, February 11, 2019

Tricky Dicky?

So, will Jeff Bezos' penis bring down Trump?  US politics truly is becoming more bizarre than anything I can make up for The Sleaze.  We now have tabloid The National Enquirer allegedly blackmailing Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post by threatening to publish compromising pictures of him (including, supposedly, a 'dick pic') it has 'obtained', if he doesn't cease an investigation into the tabloid, (which, amusingly, is owned by a man named Pecker).  This all follows the Trump-supporting tabloid's exposure of Bezos' alleged extra-marital affair in an attempt to discredit him and, by association the Post, which has been critical of Trump.  Bezos has called Pecker's bluff by publishing the Enquirer's emails and daring them to publish the pictures. The question now is whether any actual link can be established between the alleged attempted blackmail and Trump himself.  Which, in all honesty, is going to be next to impossible to establish. The Enquirer has a track record of trying to discredit those critical of Trump with no implication of any of its attacks actually having been at the direction or request of Trump.  It's what politically partisan newspapers all over the world do, I'm afraid.

Nonetheless, the thought that a billionaire sending a picture of his cock to his girlfriend could eventually result in the fall of an extreme right wing demagogue is quite wonderful.  Of course, the principle outcome of this saga so far is to make Jeff Bezos seem a more sympathetic character.  Now, regardless of the impact his whang might or might not have on the future of US politics, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Bezos himself is a rapacious capitalist, whose company Amazon is notorious for exploiting loopholes to avoid paying taxes in any of the countries it operates in and has a pretty dubious record when it comes to working conditions for its employees.  Moreover, while being cast as the victim in a politically motivated sex scandal and standing up to would be blackmailers undoubtedly makes Bezos seem more human and sympathetic, it can never quite obscure the fact that he's a bald headed billionaire controlling a shady global business empire.  While he isn't yet stroking a white cat and Amazon isn't yet organising giant space lasers to terrorise the world's governments, it can surely only be a matter of time before they take a leaf out of the Blofeld and SPECTRE playbook by stealing some nuclear warheads with which to hold the National Enquirer to ransom unless it publishes pictures of President Trump's penis.

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