Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Doc Sleaze is Feeling Unwell

I've spent the past couple of days feeling decidedly unwell.  I've been experiencing intermittent bouts of feverish temperatures and a sore throat.  Plus some coughing and sneezing.  It seems to have eased off now, but has left me in no mood to actually write anything constructive here today.  The symptoms have all the hallmarks of an allergic reaction to something - though to what, exactly I'm not sure.  It's perhaps no coincidence that the feverish feelings started on Sunday, after I'd been outside doing some 'gardening' (attempting to restore my 'lawn' by sowing some more grass seed, a type optimised for growing in shady areas this time) - perhaps I breathed in some pollen which I reacted badly to, who knows?  All I know is that I was still feeling rough enough this morning to consider calling in sick with work.  Although to be fair, I was also in no mood to go in today after another set to with a manager trying to ride roughshod over established protocols which say that we can't be called out for 'urgent' jobs after five PM, even if we're still out on the road, toward the end of the day yesterday.  Despite being backed up by own line manager, it left me feeling depressed and exasperated.  Not to mention a couple of steps closer to the exit door.

Speaking of which, I'm finding my current employment so intolerable that I've even found myself calculating how many hours a week on the minimum wage I'd have to work to earn enough to live on if I get sufficiently desperate that I have to jump ship and take just any other work available.  I could, of course, just walk out and survive on my savings (which I could do, I've calculated, for at least three years now I don't have a mortgage).  But as I've said before, I'd rather avoid having to run down my savings in that way.  Ideally, I need to find alternate employment, preferably part time, which pays more than the minimum wage and isn't either mind-numbingly boring or potentially dangerous.  As a result of my future financial future, several unexpected and large recent outlays (replacing the boiler and keeping the car on the road), I'm currently reluctant to spend anything more than absolutely necessary (the fact I'm a skinflint is also a major factor here).  Which means that I still haven't bought a replacement for this wheezing laptop.  You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a laptop with decent specs at a reasonable price.  Indeed, prices seem to have rien steeply in recent weeks.  It also doesn't help that the likes of Argos have some promising looking machines on their website, but they all seem to be permanently out of stock, begging the question as to why they are still advertising them?  Bastards.



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