Thursday, May 04, 2017

Zombie Spice

I keep hearing about Zombie Spice, but I don't recall her from the Spice Girls line up.  If I recall correctly, there was Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Baby Spice, but no Zombie Spice.  I did think that perhaps it was just an alternative nickname for Scary, But I thought that she was Scary because she was, well, scary.  In the sense that she seemed like a psychopath, rather than that she looked like an animated corpse.  And I'm damn sure that there was never a sixth girl in the group, whose gimmick was looking like the walking dead: pale skin and rotting flesh, with bits hanging off.   I suppose that they could have reanimated a corpse using voodoo, to create a real zombie, as some kind of publicity stunt.  The gurgling produced by its vocal chords as it tried to sing would have been no more discordant than Posh's singing.  But ultimately, such a thing would have proven highly impractical - you'd have the risk of the odd hand or leg flying off during the dance sequences.  I'd definitely have remembered that.

But apparently it has nothing to do with nineties girl groups.  All the media headlines about 'Zombie Spice' are to do with the latest drug the press want to scare is about - spice - turning its users into what are described as 'Zombies'.  Which, to me, implies that they wander around town centres attempting to eat people.  But I don't think that this is what the media mean.  'Zombie' is one of those terms the media likes to apply to various groups of individuals in order to effectively dehumanise them.  Using the term neatly labels drug users as shambling sub-human wrecks who, by extension, are not worthy of our sympathy or compassion,  They are instead seen only in terms of the potential threat they might pose to 'regular' citizens.  As non-humans, of course, we don't have to accord them any of the rights or respect we'd give to 'real' people.  So, if drug users are now Zombies, then I shudder to think what the media is going to start calling immigrants or the unemployed.



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