Monday, September 12, 2016

Half Baked TV

I know it isn't really the done thing to admit these days, but I'm really not remotely interested in the Paralympics.  Damn it, I wasn't interested in the Olympics - I couldn't wait for them to end and the TV schedules get back to normal - so quite why Channel Four thinks that I want to watch wall-to-wall Paralympics I really don't know.  That said, I'm not sure what it is that I'd be watching on Channel Four if the Paralympics weren't on there right now.  All I know I is that whenever I do turn to Channel Four, with some vague, instinctive feeling at the back of my mind that there's something I want to watch there, all I get are bloody Paralympic games, which just leaves me feeling frustrated.  Still, it has become something of a heresy these days to admit that you aren't interested in the Olympics, Paralympics, Wimbledon, Cricket Test Matches or whatever other 'major' sporting event is dominating the media.  As far as they are concerned, they've paid good money for this stuff so we're going to have it rammed down our throats, whether we like it or not.  And if we don't like then there must be something wrong with us - we're obviously unpatriotic or the sort of bastards who go around throwing disabled people out of their wheelchairs and calling for a cull in the name of genetic perfection.

Apparently, though, once the Paralympics are over, I can look forward to watching the Great British Bake Off on Channel Four, as they've poached it from the BBC.  Or rather I can look forward to not watching it on Channel Four.  I honestly cannot understand where the entertainment value lies in watching people bake cakes.  To be entirely fair here, I don't find any kind of cookery programme remotely interesting, let alone entertaining.  Their supposed popularity baffles me.  So, right here and now I'd like to thank Channel Four for stealing Great British Bake Off from the BBC - it might force Auntie to actually make some proper programmes to replace it.  In fact, I live in hope that Channel Four poaches the likes of Masterchef from the BBC as well.  With luck, the lower ratings they will inevitably get on Channel Four will kill them off for good.  I'm more than mildly surprised at Channel Four stealing Great British Bake Off - wasn't meant to be the channel of cutting edge programming that pushed the boundaries and challenged viewer expectations?  Whereas Bake Off is merely twee.  Mind you, encroaching twee-ness has been evident on Channel Four for some time now, with its penchant for historical dramas about thw Raj and such like.  Not to mention their long time prediliction for cosy afternoon gameshows like Countdown.  These days, sadly, their idea of 'edgy' and 'shocking' includes such dross as naked dating shows, celebrity dating shows and, inveitablt no doubt, naked celebrity dating shows.  These, far from being cutting edge, are just desperate attempts to win viewing figures.  And you know something?  I still can't remember what the Hell it is I thought I wanted to watch on Channel Four instead of the Paralympics.



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