Thursday, July 21, 2016

Work Life Imbalance

You know, right now I'm feeling bloody exhausted.  On top of my own job, I now seem to also be doing half of someone else's.  Plus, I've just come off of two weeks of covering for yet another colleague, whilst they were on holiday, (all the time still trying to do my pre-existing one and a half jobs).  Oh, and on top of that, last Friday, just when I thought I had a working day when I could catch up with some of the back log building up in what is actually meant to be my job, I got lumbered with providing orientation and initial training for the person who is about to take over as my manager.  I've just endured two consecutive days of having to work late (with a third in prospect tomorrow - so much for finishing early on a Friday) and wasted a large chunk of today fighting with my work mobile, a godawful HTC which keeps going berserk and sending gibberish texts to random recipients, ignoring any number I dial and instead dialling numbers at random from my phone book and opening irrelevant and unwanted apps by itself.  I keep getting told that it is the heat.  Which is odd, as my own Nokia Lumia usually endures the same conditions during the working day and always functions perfectly.

Talking of the heat, spending large parts of my day in a sweltering hot car after a largely sleepless night courtesy of the current heat wave, isn't helping - it leaves me tired and irritable.  Which isn't a good combination when it comes to the scumbags and idiots I have to deal with: twice this week I've had to stop myself from hitting a couple of them.  Of course, management like to talk about the 'work-life balance', although I'm not sure how I'm meant to achieve such a thing when I don't even know when my working day is going to end these days.  It's now a regular occurrence to get a call just as the originally planned end of my working day is in sight, expecting to go to the back of beyond to deal an urgent situation which has just come up.  The end result of this is that, increasingly, when I finally get home of an evening, I'm too tired to actually do something.  Weekends are blighted,too.  These days I'm usually so tired by the week's end that I fetch up spending a large part of my Saturdays sleeping.Not that anyone in management seems to give a toss - I keep getting asked about my 'work-life balance' and I keep telling them that it is non-existent.  Yet I still get more work heaped on me.  It's getting to the stage where the only solution is going to be to tell them to 'fuck off' and walk.  Something I was hoping to delay until my mortgage was paid off next April, but, needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle, as they say.  



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