Friday, July 29, 2016

Winding Down For the Weekend

'It's the freakin' weekend and I'm gonna have me some fun,' as R. Kelly once said.  Quite what form that 'fun' might take, I have no idea.  Probably just enjoying the fact that, for two days at least, I don't have to get up and go into work.  Which is always a source of joy for me.  As a bonus, this weekend I'm buoyed by the knowledge that I only have to get through next week to reach the first week of my Summer holidays, (I then have to go back to the office for a week, before taking another two weeks off.  The reasons that I nowadays have to split my Summer break up that way are far too tiresome and spiteful to go into).   Returning to the present, I've already kicked off my weekend in my mow traditional way - a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich followed, this week, by a cream slice.  A strange combination, some might think, but I like the contrast between the two.  Once I've finished writing this, I intend settling down with some beer and some crisps and indulging in some late night movie viewing. Quite what I'm going to watch, I haven't decide yet. 

Of course, with August and my Summer break on the horizon, it means that the Edinburgh Festival must nearly be upon us.  More importantly, it means that my annual fiction of doing my one man show at said festival must also be upon us, (every year I tell people that's what I'm doing during my break, as it stops them asking about my holiday plans, then expressing disbelief at the idea I might want to spend time sitting on the beach watching the ships sail by).  So, I guess the time is upon us to decide on the title and venue of this year's mythical show.  Usually I tell people that it's going to be in a room above some unlikely sounding pub.  Perhaps a new venue might be in order this year. I recall a few years ago, someone using some toilets in the basement of, I think, a pub, as a venue.  Maybe that could be this year's fictional location - which sort of dictates the theme of this year's non-existent show: toilet humour.  Maybe it could be based on one of the many lavatory-themed stories from The Sleaze.  As I also have a yen for a supernatural element to this year's fiction, 'Flushed with Fear', a tale of a demonically-possessed toilet, is the obvious candidate. So, there you have it.  My one man show at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe will be 'Flushed With Fear', in the toilets of the 'Juggling Jacobite' public house, performances commencing after closing time.



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