Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Green Definition

There are times when my laziness proves beneficial.  Several years ago the tube started going on my big old widescreen TV, (everything started going green), so I replaced it with a new, al singing, all dancing full HD flatscreen TV.  Which itself gave up the ghost yesterday evening, without warning it just switched off in the middle of something I was trying to watch and wouldn't switch back on.  As it was the only TV I owned, this was a bit of a blow,  But then I remembered - I did have another TV: the faulty old one, which had sat stored in a cupboard for years.  I'd kept meaning to either take it to the dump or arrange for some people who recycle old electrical appliances to take it way.  But somehow I never quite got around to it - so there it was, covered in dust and lurking in a cupboard.  So I hauled it out, manhandled it into the living room and plugged it in - incredibly, it worked.  of course, it is so old that it doesn't have a built in digital tuner, so I hooked it up to my HD recorder and, lo and behold, I had sound and vision.  Green tinged vision, but I was at least able to complete my interrupted viewing. 

There's something decidedly strange about watching HD channels on a non-HD TV.  Not just a non-HD TV, but not even an LED or LCD TV.  The old steam powered tube's resurrection was short lived, as, unable to fix the old flatscreen (I had vainly hoped that it might be something simple like the fuse in the plug, but no such luck), I was forced to buy a new one today.  There's only so long that I can watch TV with everyone tinged green. Due to the bizarre pricing policies and offers practiced by electrical retailers, I found that it was actually cheaper to replace my 24" full HD TV with a 32" full HD TV rather than a new one of the same size.  I can't say that I really wanted a larger screen - it really is a bit of monster - but decent 24" full HD TVs seem to be ridiculously expensive right now.  So I'm now the proud owner of 32" Hitachi smart TV with full HD.  I must say that the picture quality is excellent.  It might seem strange to say tis, but black and white stuff looks especially good on it, with a nice crisp monochrome image.  Hopefully, this TV will last longer than is predecessor, which didn't even notch up five years, (needless to say, it waited until it was out of warranty before it died).   If nothing else, this whole business has taught ne that I should never throw anything away. 

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