Thursday, September 24, 2015

Swine Fever

Last call for Cameron pig gags - the mainstream media have done their best to deny the story any momentum and it looks like it has finally run out of steam.  Which is a pity.  I know that there are those out there who are of the opinion that the whole 'pig gate' thing is trivial and simply distracts everyone from the real issues.  But I disagree.  The fact that people are so willing to believe that our Prime Minister might have shagged a pig tells us something about the way he is perceived.  Moreover, after the relentless media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in recent weeks - all based around equally trivial 'stories' - why shouldn't we on the left have something lurid and scandalous to hit back with?   If nothing else, now every time that some Tory twat comes out with some crap designed to discredit Corbyn, w can simply reply 'Yeah, but at least he didn't fuck a pig'.  It's effectively provided us with a new benchmark with which to measure the misconduct of politicians - if their misbehaviour falls short of porking a pig, then it isn't completely discreditable.

So, before leaving 'pig gate', let me just point out that Ed Miliband was probably pulling that face whilst eating a bacon sandwich because he'd just found some of Cameron's pubes in it.  I'm sure that there are lots more variations on that one, (Cameron providing the 'mayonaisse' comes to mind), but that'll have to do for now.  On a totally unrelated matter, I feel that I should apologise for the patchiness of this week's posts.  I had hoped to start writing up the three extremely low budget exploitation movies I watched a few weeks ago, but various distractions have deflected me from achieving this.  In the main, I've simply not been feeling at all well this week, with matters not helped by worrying over a friend who seems to have dropped off of the radar completely.  On a more positive note, Talking Pictures TV has now arrived on Freeview, giving me access to a treasure trove of rare and obscure movies, mainly of the b-movie variety.  My digital recorder has already been working overtime and the channel only came live on Freeview on Tuesday.  So, I have a new supply of schlock to talk about here.

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