Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Outrage Fatigue

Since the New Year arrived I seem to have been preoccupied with pop culture ephemera in my posts here.  Never fear, this isn't turning into a pop culture blog and I haven't lost sight of all the antics of the Tory bastards.  That said, I'm finding it difficult to rack up my outrage levels at George Osborne's declaration of intent to pour more misery on the poor with a promise of more cuts in the welfare budget - some of us have been ranting warnings about this right-wing shit for years now.  Likewise, the continued pandering to UKIP (the BNP for middle class bigots) with regard to immigration by Cameron and his cronies - it is no less than we expect from the snivelling public school shit.  Face it - he'd undoubtedly sell his own grandmother into white slavery if he thought that it would help him cling to power.  I suspect that this is going to be the big problem I face in 2014 - this government has established itself as being so evil and corrupt that now nothing it does can outrage me any more.

Perhaps that's all part of their plan: to so bombard us with political atrocities that we become so used to their extremism that our 'outrage threshold' is raised impossibly high.  If we can no longer become outraged, they probably figure, then we'll stop protesting.  But it isn't just government policy which we're all in danger of becoming numbed to.  Looking back on 2013, with Edward Snowden and the Prism revelations, it's difficult to see what this year can throw up which will be even more outrageous.  Let's face it, if the general reaction to the final unravelling of the lies behind the 'War on Terror' which played out last year are anything to go by, people already don't seem to care about the systematic destruction of our civil liberties this century has seen.  What hope is there that anything can stir them into action this year?  Damn it, we've learned that our governments routinely spy on us without cause, that we condone illegal drone strikes against alleged terrorists half way around the world, (with some remote operator acting as judge, jury and executioner), whilst at home we have record numbers of people reliant on food banks to survive, yet the general public still seem complacent!  Come on, get off your arses and onto those streets in 2014!

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