Thursday, May 06, 2010

Vote, Vote, Vote...

So, have you voted yet? There's still time - as I write this there are still more than two hours until the polls close. I've little time for those who don't vote, particularly those who use the excuse that the parties are "all the same". That just shows a complete lack of awareness of the issues at hand. Personally, I cast my votes in both the General and Local elections this afternoon. So, for me, the election is over, until the results come in. But what will the outcome be? If you want my personal opinion, (and you are going to get it, so I don't know why I'm asking that), I think it will most likely be a either a minority Conservative government, or the Conservatives with a very small majority. Not my choice, but in many ways the minority Tory government might actually be the best result in the long-term. Let the bastards take all the flak and the unpopularity for the spending cuts any government will inevitably be forced to introduce, whilst at the same time being constrained from doing anything too extreme by the need to gain cross-party support for legislation. it would also give the Labour Party time to regroup and try to regain its moral compass.

Of course, from a purely selfish point of view, it would be good to have a government I can hate in good conscience again. Moreover, I can't help but feel that the Tories in power will provide plenty of satirical material. I don't think I'll bother staying up for the results - I can't take any more wild speculation by political pundits. I'm off down the pub instead, to celebrate Spurs' qualification for the Champion's League. Before leaving the subject of the election, the other day I was complaining that the last couple of election-related stories on The Sleaze hadn't drawn much traffic. However, since then, both have put in very respectable performances. As has The Two Faces of David Cameron - who'd have known there'd be so many people using the search terms 'David Cameron evil' and 'David Cameron rumours'? Not to mention the highly mysterious 'David Cameron black prostitute' queries - that's a rumour which has clearly passed me by. No doubt it will resurface if Dave gets into Number Ten.

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