Monday, March 15, 2010

David Cameron: Definitely Not a Nazi

Well, I'm back. I must apologise the absence of postings here recently, but I was a bit preoccupied with getting a new story completed and up onto The Sleaze. Now, on paper, Cameron's Coup should have been a pretty straightforward story to write, being based on an earlier post here at Sleaze Diary. In the event, it turned out to require much more re-writing than I expected in order to make a coherent piece of satire out of it. The finished article is probably sixty percent plus new material, whilst the text which survived from the original post was extensively rewritten. All-in-all, a time consuming process. Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with the finished product. That said, it's the kind of story which is killing my traffic. The sad fact is that a properly satirical piece like Cameron's Coup will never attract the same level of visitors as a lightweight piece of smutty humour, or a celebrity scandal parody. Unfortunately, I just don't seem to have sufficient interest in the latter types of story to keep churning them out, as I did in the past. I like to think, though, that the satirical stories attract a better class of reader.

I do feel I need to caveat Cameron's Coup - although it features the Tory leader and groups of World War Two re-enactment nutters who like dressing as Nazi soldiers, I'm obviously not saying that Dave is a fascist. Such a claim would be quite ridiculous. I mean, it isn't as if Dave could ever be accused of being a front for discredited big business interests, is it? Nor could his banging on about 'Broken Britain' and the need to heal our fractured society, possibly be equated with Hitler's claims that German society had been fragmented by the traumas of World War One and the Great Depression, and that it was up to the National Socialist Movement to build new social structures to bring the German people back together. It's hardly likely we'll see a Tory government setting up an equivalent to the Hitler Youth, now is it? Although if there was a 'Cameron Youth', they'd doubtless be given instruction on the right kind of popular music to listen to on their iPods, (no subversive Lily Allen, for sure). So there you have it - Cameron is definitely not a Nazi. Just an over privileged public school plonker.

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