Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to the 'New' Sleaze

Well, I finally did it - switched The Sleaze over to the new-style templates, that is. It's been a long time coming - over a year since I first started looking at a new design, for what it is worth - but I feel that it has been worth the wait. The main advantages of the new-look templates is that they are a cleaner design, far less cluttered, and subsequently much easier to read. Hopefully, the simplified coding underlying them will, hopefully, also make them easier for search engines to index. Accompanying the new design is a modification to the navigation system. The stories have now been broken down into categories, which should make it easier to locate older stories. Again, it should also help the search engines in indexing the site.

The big question, of course, is whether this redesign will help revive traffic which is still pretty poor compared with six months ago? Frankly,I don't know. I'm hoping that improved navigation, more readable pages and a more 'modern' look will encourage visitors to explore the site more extensively than they do at present. If nothing else, it should provide a better experience for visitors. The redesign isn't finished yet, I'm still tinkering with various aspects of the site, but nothing major. Anyway,I hope the new look finds favour. when I've got the time (and inclination), I might even get around to tweaking Sleaze Diary's design to match the main site.



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