Monday, August 05, 2019

Playing With Fire

I certainly hope that London Mayor Sadiq Khan is busy on Twitter, tweeting 'President' Trump to hold him personally responsible for everyone who has died in the latest spate of mass shootings in the US.  Maybe he's meant to follow the same protocol as the orange shit bag, though: retweeting someone else's tweet accusing fat boy of having blood on his hands.  Then again, I have no idea how these things work on social media.  Of course, it isn't really Trump's fault - it's all down to mental illness.  Too many crazy people have access to guns.  Obviously, the solution is to crack down on the crazy people.  Mind you, in my experience the mentally ill are, generally speaking, a threat to nobody but themselves. It is only a very small majority who present a danger to the wider community.  In most countries, the damage they can do is limited by the fact that, usually, the worst weapons they can lay their hands on are knives.  But again, even this minority of the mentally ill don't generally go around committing massacres.  Apparently, though, there's a special type of mental illness which drives crazy people to kill on an industrial scale: extreme right-wing ideologies.  I mean, you must have noticed it - every time one of these right-wing scumbags murders a politician, an activist, someone who is the 'wrong' colour or 'wrong' religion, they are always described as being 'mentally ill'. 

They are radicalised via the web, fat boy also claimed today.  Yeah, by exposure to the twitter feeds of right-wing demagogues whose timelines are full of hate-inciting and racist tweets and retweets.  The sort of demagogues who incite the lunatic fringes of their followers to attack journalists, because they are 'enemies of the people' for printing the truth, or whip them into a frenzy of chanting 'send them home', with regard to members of congress who have the audacity to try and hold him to account.  Of course, Trumpy boy doesn't endorse those chants.  Typical bully - gets others to do his dirty work then tries to deny all responsibility. But the chickens are coming home to roost now - he's been playing with fire trying to mobilise the extreme right to do his dirty work and with these latest mass shootings he is in danger of getting his fingers burned. The flames are licking at his heels now as the denials of responsibility ring hollow.  That's the thing, once you've encouraged them to believe that their bigotry and violence is being legitimised by those in power, extremists become very difficult to control and things can quickly escalate out of hand.  Which is why politicians should never try cosying up to them, like Johnson and his Tories have been doing with crypto-fascists like Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage.  It's a very dangerous game and we're already starting to see the consequences.  I wouldn't mind, but isn't as if we don't have, within living memory, a precedent for seeing the damage that ensues from encouraging fascists and their ilk.  Last time we had to bomb their cities to rubble to make them stop, and only then after millions had already died - do we really want a repetition of all that?



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