Tuesday, July 16, 2019

'Described as Racist...'

Just why do much of the mainstream media find it so hard to call a racist a racist?  Even here in the UK, many news outlets, notably the BBC, have seemingly been reluctant to actually call Trump's recent, utterly disgraceful tweets out for what they are: racist.  Instead they use phrases such as 'racially charged' or, worse, describe them as tweets that 'have been described as racist'.  Yes, they have been described as racist because they are racist - Trump tells four female members of Congress - all of whom are US citizens - that they should 'go home'.  Are his apologists asking us to believe that it is merely coincidental that they are all women of colour?  Of course not - otherwise he wouldn't be telling them to 'go home'.  Their ethnic origins are clearly being used as a basis to characterise them as not really being American.  This isn't even implicit racism, it is quite explicit.  As we know in the UK, the whole 'go home' business is inextricably linked with far right racists like the unlamented BNP and National Front.  So why are so many people, particularly in the media, finding it so difficult to call Trump a racist?  It isn't as if he doesn't have form: characterising Mexicans as rapists and murderers, describing African countries as 'shitholes'.  It's really easy - just repeat after me: 'Trump. Is. A. Racist.'  There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

But hey, the fat boy himself has told us he isn't racist.  So that's OK then.  In fact, according to him, it is those uppity non-white women who are being racist.  In fact, anyone who says he is is racist, is, in fact racist.  It's undoubtedly all fake news.  It's all from the bullies' play book - you deal out some abuse, then play the victim when your targets respond.  The worst thing is the way so much of the media seem willing to go along with him, apparently in the name of 'balance': 'he's said something blatantly racist, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and report more of his racst remarks defending himself.'  But it has ever been thus - Trump makes misogynistic comments (grab 'em by the pussy') but isn't called out as a misogynist by the mainstream media.  Having got away with that, he's now pushing the boundaries again, this time seeing how far he can go with racist remarks.  And the media reaction, or lack thereof, is encouraging him.  But, to be fair, the Us public are just as much to blame - there should be general outrage that such a blatant racist is currently occupying the White  House.  Really America, what does this piece of shit have to do to prove to you that he is unfit to hold the office of President, that he is an utter embarrassment to your country?  Repeat after me: 'Trump. Is. A, Racist'...

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