Friday, March 04, 2016

Cleaning the Old Tory Queens

We should all clean for the Queen.  According to those bloody ads, at least.  It all has something to do with her ninetieth birthday, (for which we;'re not getting a national holiday), apparently.  My first reaction to the slogan was to question why Her Majesty can't afford to employ domestics herself, rather than attempting to recruit her subjects to act as cleaners at her palaces.  I mean, I know she's a pensioner, but she's not short of a bob or two, is she?  But then I was told that it all has to do with various right-wing politicians imploring us to get out there and pick up litter so that the country doesn't look so horrible and scruffy when the Queen does her ninetieth birthday walkabouts.  Actually, I have to admit that when I first saw those posters saying 'Clean for the Queen next photos of Michael Gove and Boris Johnson clutching mops and buckets, I did wonder if they were trying to tell us all something.

Mind you, if either of those two were to come out as gay, it would set the homosexuality back by decades.  We'd undoubtedly see a parade of openly gay men 'inning' themselves and declaring their heterosexuality.  But to return to the issue of 'Let's Clean for the Queen' - the literal Queen, rather than some hypothetical Tory queen - my reaction tends to be 'fuck off'.  After all, shouldn't Her Majesty be able to see what a filthy shit hole her realm has become, (in the unlikely event that any of her carefully orchestrated public appearances were to take her anywhere near the real world)?  Moreover, rather than urging ordinary citizens to clean up our public places for free, wouldn't the likes of Gove and Johnson be better advised to campaign against those cuts in public spending which have led to local authorities cutting the number of street cleaners they employ?  Surely that's one of the main reasons that our streets are becoming untidier in the first place? 

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Blogger Nasreen Iqbal said...

That reminds me of those old stories about how the French used to put false fronts on their houses so that the king wasn't offended by their shacks when he was driven down the street.

No one is too good to see the real people.

And if they think they are, they should be forced to debate on titter for a month.

2:56 pm  

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